Rainy Season Surfing Playa in Guiones – May South Swell + La Nina Weather = Perfect Surf

Rainy Season? What rainy season?


This season, we are getting the benefits of the La Nina weather pattern in the Pacific, which bodes well for those who know that there are some major misconceptions about travelling to Costa Rica during the so called “rainy season”

Yes – there are two distinct seasons in Nosara – the dry season, and the rainy season. But the perception that the rainy season equates to conditions described as something from a  Forest Gump Vietnam War quote – “One day it started raining, and it didn’t stop for four months!” is just so far from the reality, and its a perception that is changing as well.

Granted, there are some months where the rain can be brutal – but for the most part, the rain season here consists of a morning shower or an afternoon thunderstorm. There are many benefits of visiting or spending time here in the green season – Rental rates are cheaper, activities and restaurant reservations are easier to book, there is no dust in the air from the dirt roads, the temperatures are a bit cooler, and my favorite part – everything is green! Wildlife abounds in the rainy season here – its really an amazing time of year, and my favorite months by far are June and July.


We are seeing a shift in perception though, that is for sure. As more and more people decide to travel during the months of May- October, they realize the mistake in thinking that the rainy season is when it rains ALL the time, as opposed to it being a time period when its POSSIBLE to rain.


What about the swell? Well – we get our biggest and baddest swells during the months of May- August. And there are still modest offshore winds in the mornings, and occasionally spurts of multi day conditions that rival and even best the surfing conditions that exist during the dry season from December to April.


And for proof- here is some footage, shot both from the water and from the beach, of what the surf can be like during the rainy season . I think this speaks for itself.


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