Costa Rica Vacation Resorts and Fractional Ownership – The perfect combination for today’s savvy real estate buyer…


What is Fractional Ownership?


Fractional ownership in Costa Rica is a type of real estate ownership, by which an asset is held and used by multiple owners. It provides a choice of vacation and second home ownership for those who have decided that it is functionally unnecessary and fiscally wasteful to purchase an entire vacation home, when they may only use it for a very specific time each year.

Fractional ownership is a concept that is by no means new, but one that has had a dramatic increase in popularity due to the housing crisis, especially in Costa Rica. As many people lost their shirts in purchasing second homes,  savvy investors have flocked to fractional ownership as a viable alternative to full ownership. By purchasing a costa rica vacation home though fractional ownership, investors are less exposed to dramatic swings in real estate prices, while at the same time are able to enjoy a vacation home in a similar manner to full ownership.

Have you, your family, or friends ever owned a vacation home and found that you only used it a few weeks out of the year?

Have you ever considered purchasing a second home, but decided against it because you didn’t think you would get enough use from it?

Statistics show that most vacation home owners use their property for less than 20 days per year. Why spend such exorbitant amounts of your hard earned money on a second home when you only visit for just a short time each year?

With Fractional Ownership in Namaste Oasis Costa Rica, You Only Pay For What You Use.


There are many benefits to fractional ownership, including:

  • A significantly smaller amount of capital commitment required to own a vacation home
  • Shared maintenance and upkeep costs.
  • Full service property management
  • Rental income potential
  • Appreciation of asset
  • Affordable pricing option for entry into vacation home ownership market
Comparative Ownership Fractional Ownership Full Ownership Timeshares
Initial Purchase Cost $42,500 – $65,000 $400,000 – $1 Million+ Varies
Yearly Costs $900** per share $5,000+ $1,500+
Expected Owner Use 30 days per year 17- 30 days Avg pr yr 7 days
Ownership Interest in Property
Management Company
Voting Rights in Management N/A
Rental Income Potential Varies
High End Luxury Finishes Included Included Optional
Property Value Appreciation

Each share in Namaste Oasis PRC represents 1-month ownership and usage. You purchase a specific month during which you own a percentage interest and have usage rights to the condo-villa of your choice. Since the demand for certain months is higher than others, each month has been priced according to the season in which it falls. We know that repeat visitors to Nosara typically have a certain time they may visit each year, and instead of offering a floating system where you must book into other Fractional Ownership resorts and PRC’s, no reservations are needed at Namaste Oasis. We know that life is hectic, and our goal is to simplify your vacation home experience.

Don’t tie your self down in a vacation home that can become more of a burden than a vacation!


Don’t get caught  in the trap of owning time instead of actual property!


Fractional ownership just makes sense.  Reserve your share at Namaste Oasis Costa Rica today, and enjoy all the benefits of fractional ownership at one of the most attractive price points offered in the industry. The time to act is now!



**Based on current budget estimates and management expectations. More details provided upon request.

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