Q: Where is Nosara?

A: Nosara is located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica., on the Nicoya Peninsula in the province in Guanacaste.  Nosara is about 90km (~55 miles) south of Liberia International Airport and about 210 km (~130 miles) northwest of the capital city of San Jose.

Q: What is the difference between Nosara and Playa Guiones?

A: Nosara is the general name of area where “The American Project” is located. Nosara consists of the communities of Guiones, Pelada, and Nosara Town.  Playa Guiones is the white sand beach and the main attraction of the area. The south entrance to Playa Guiones is located a short walk from Namaste Oasis.

Q: How do I get to Namaste Oasis?

A: From Liberia International Airport, Namaste Oasis is a 2 hour drive. From San Jose International Airport, the drive is about 4.5 hours. But why drive when it’s cheaper and easier to fly? Unlike many other destinations in Costa Rica, Nosara boasts its own local airport serviced by 4 daily flights to and from San Jose via the local carriers Nature Air and Sansa. We highly recommend using Nature Air as a connecting flight between San Jose and Nosara. The flight itself is a wonderful aerial tour of the mountains, bays and coastline of Costa Rica. From the local airport, Namaste Oasis is about a 10-minute drive. Local transfers and taxis are readily available.

Q: Can I rent my own car? How can I get around town?

A: There are various means of transportation in Nosara. If you are looking for comfort and to get around in style, there are multiple rental car services in town, including Toyota, National, Alamo and Adobe Car Rentals. If you want a bit of adventure, you can rent an ATV. Our best recommendation is to rent a Safari Cart from Nosara Paradise Rentals. These are 4-person, custom built Golf Karts that are just the best way to get around town. Namaste Oasis will have ample parking for all your transportation needs.

Q: What kinds of activities are there to do in the area?

A: The list is truly endless. Take in a morning yoga session. Go surfing at the world-class beach break. Be adventurous and explore surrounding surf breaks such as Ostional, Marbella, and Camaronal. Go zip lining at Miss Sky Canopy Tours. Take a horseback ride on the beach or to a hidden waterfall. Enjoy snorkeling in San Juanillo. Land a marlin or catch some tuna for fresh sushi while out sport fishing or enjoy a leisurely day casting into the river. Take a kayak or Standup Paddle Board tour through the river mouth. Or just simply take in the sights and sounds of the beach, with a morning jog or an evening sunset.

Q: What restaurants are located in the area?

A: There are over 20+ international cuisine restaurants in Nosara.  Just to list a few, Café de Paris, the Gilded Iguana, the Harmony Restaurant, Marlin Bills, and of course, our personal favorites, La Luna and La Dolce Vita.

Q: Is Nosara family friendly?

A: Nosara is 100% family friendly! While it can be destination for adventure seekers, surfers, yoga students and teachers alike, Nosara is at heart, a very family friendly area. As a matter of fact there are many ex-pat families who live in the area and the children attend one of the local private schools, Del Mar Academy or HSB Academy. For families interested in ownership in Namaste Oasis, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that there are educational and recreational programs available, so that the time in Nosara is both adventurous and mind stimulating for your children.

Q: What is fractional ownership?

A: Fractional ownership is the concept of shared ownership of a vacation or second home. This concept fits in very well with the eco-friendly themes of Costa Rica, since the shared ownership model reduces construction footprints in the very precious natural setting. Fractional ownership is founded on the concept that you should only pay for what you use. Fractional ownership provides a very low entry cost of ownership, reduces capital at risk for those considering owning a destination vacation home, and reduces the responsibility of the owner through a full service management company..

Q: How much usage time does my share give me?

A: Each share in Namaste Oasis PRC represents 1-month ownership and usage. You purchase a specific month during which you will have usage rights to the condo-villa of your choice. Since the demand for certain months is higher than others, each month has been priced according to the season in which it falls. We know that repeat visitors to Nosara typically have a certain time they may visit each year, and instead of offering a floating system where you must book into other Fractional Ownership resorts and PRC’s, no reservations are needed at Namaste Oasis..

Q: What are the actual condo villas like?

A: For the first phase, Namaste Oasis Private Residence Club will consist of four condo-villas. Each unit has 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, designed in a modern tropical style with plenty of open living and outdoor space. All units boast large, covered outdoor balconies and terraces off both the main living area and the master suites.  The condo-villas feature the highest quality finishes, and of particular note, the floors are polished concrete. The front façade of each unit will have floor-to-ceiling sliding doors that can be opened to experience true indoor-outdoor living..

Q: Are the prices negotiable? How is your pricing determined?

A: Our current prices are firm, as we are confident that these are the most competitive prices for ownership in a Private Residence Club of this quality.  In addition, we want to provide an incentive to buyers and reward those who purchase sooner than later. As they say, the early bird gets the worm. With our current pricing system, we have our base price points for each share that are sold on a monthly basis. Each time we sell any  inventory of a particular month, we then raise the price of the remaining inventory of that month by 10-15%/. This means that you can get the best deal on a share by purchasing those that have the highest inventory of a particular month. As of Sept 2013 – the best values and 1st tier pricing are only available for shares of August or September!

Q: Are there yearly costs? How much are they and what do they include?

A: For each share, there will be a HOA (Homeowners Association) Fee, which will cover all expenses needed for the upkeep and operation of the premises. The HOA fees cover management fees, insurance, weekly maid service, pool cleaning and service, common utilities, security monitoring, etc. Owners will be responsible for paying for electricity usage during their share. Management will be responsible for billing the owners for electric usage. We know some owners may choose to open up the condo-villas and enjoy the cool breeze, and we understand that some owners may choose to blast the AC at full throttle for their entire visit. To keep costs fair, owners will be responsible for paying for electric usage during their time at Namaste Oasis.

Our current operational budget puts the HOA fees at $800 per share per year, plus electricity, which can average anywhere between $100 and $400 per month.

Q: Is there an exchange program available?

A: Namaste Oasis Private Residence Club ownership includes a two-year membership at FractionalExchange.com. Unlike some exchange programs, exchanging your Namaste Oasis property using FractionalExchange.com does not involve a points system or per-exchange fees. You simply browse all participating properties and may offer up your time in Costa Rica for time in other destination locations worldwide including Australia and Europe. FractionalExchange.com is a virtual social website for fractional vacation homeowners to easily trade and exchange time.

Q: Can I rent out my unit?

A: Owners may choose to rent out their shares. There are multiple rental agents in Nosara available for hire to help our buyers in finding rental tenants, and if they so chose, owners will be able to use their share to produce rental income. Each owner is responsible for their rental tenants and a mandatory rental security deposit must be made prior to having rental guests, as part of the Co- ownership rules and regulations.

Q: Do you offer rental packages? Am I able to come and stay at Namaste Oasis as a renter, before I decide on making a purchase?

A: Absolutely! We would love to have you as our guests, and we can offer extremely competitive rental rates, on a nightly or weekly basis. In addition, if you stay with us as a renter, and then decide to purchase a share, we will credit you the rental costs incurred towards the purchase price of your ownership share at Namaste Oasis.  For booking information, please email mynewlife@namasteoasis.com

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